Review: ModelCo Eye Define Black Eye Pencil


This was another beauty from my June Birchbox. It was a full size sample too which was a definite bonus!

I like wearing eyeliner, but it is too much for daytime and my evenings out are becoming less and less frequent. So, my old eyeliner was years old so a new one was definitely welcomed!

This ModelCo eyeliner was so easy to put on. It comes with a sharpener on the lid so you will always be able to keep it nice and sharp. It glided on and I was able to draw a really fine line (with end flicks – go me!). It stays soft so you can blend it for a minute or so.

I loved the ease of application, but in terms of longevity, it didn’t last me through the day. When I looked in the mirror that evening, all traces of the liner were gone. This is not exactly a bad thing – at least it wasn’t smudged over my face! I’ll have to see how it fares in less hot and humid conditions. I imagine it is great if you check your make up in the day but that’s not the way I roll!

I have a ModelCo Eye Define Black Eye Pencil to give away to one lucky blog reader…check it out here.


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