Review: Radical Reward Charts

September is a bit like January for me – I see it as a chance to get into a new (and better!) routine, to throw myself with gusto into something new and improved. Yes I was one of those kids who wanted a new pencil case every September – there is just something about the start of a new academic year that really gives me focus and motivation.

So when I was asked to review a Radical Reward Chart I jumped at the chance – a new system for the new academic year sounds brilliant to me!

A Radical Reward Chart is like no other I have seen before. They come in a range of great designs with pictures of animals and wildlife which makes them more interesting and visual than your average reward chart.


They also come with personalised markers for charting your little one’s position on the chart. Send them a photo of your child and they will make it into a moveable piece – great if you have more than one child as they each have their own personalised one and they just love seeing their faces on their chart moving up!

The charts also come with a great little hints and tips sheet for using reward charts. We have delved into reward chart use before with Bean and found that it is a great tool – the problem is me having the motivation to keep it up. With these, the interesting pictures and personalised markers will hopefully keep up the interest!


The charts retail for £14 which includes postage and a personalised mini figure. Great value for a happier, better behaved child 😉



We were gifted these reward charts for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.



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