Review: Techniquest

Today was inset day for Bean so we thought we would start half term early with a trip to Techniquest. Fortunately it was Toddler Day which meant that we all got in for the princely sum of £4.60 – a grand saving on the usual entry price and I got a free cuppa in with that!

We had an AMAZING morning! There was so much for the kids to see and do and Jelly ran around for three hours and got really involved. Bean being a little bit older could stop and look at the exhibits, play with them and was starting to understand how things worked.

As it was toddler day they had painting, arts and craft, face painting and story time, and we tried them all. I was very impressed with the amount of staff present as there was always somebody there to do something with them and to get them involved. Aprons and wet wipes were even provided for messy activities.

We stopped halfway for a snack in the cafe. I had a free cuppa and bought a doughnut and Bean wanted a Kinder Egg. The cafe was pricey – £1 for the Kinder Egg and £1.20 for the Doughnut so I was glad that I had brought fruit and drinks for the kids with me. You can’t eat your own food in the cafe area which is understandable as it is so small but you are free to leave the building and come back in again so there is no problem walking out to the bay and having a picnic – it is literally a two minute walk.

We had to leave at lunchtime as I wanted Jelly to have a nap at home but we could have easily stayed there longer. We will definitely be back!


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