A Day in the Life of a packet of Walkers Mighty Lights

Let me introduce myself – I am a Walkers Mighty Light. Lightly Salted flavour to be precise. I have 30% less fat than other crisps and am specially seasoned with herbs and spices so I don’t contain too much salt. I also contain no MSG, and no artificial colours or preservatives. So you see, I am cool. So cool I even have my own website. Here you can find lots of other details about me, my ingredients and my nutritional content. You can literally “check me out”.


My life is great, I’m like famous! I get papped almost everywhere I go. The humans love me. Something about being a healthier option? I dunno…but the mums in the supermarket go absolutely nuts for me. And that’s just the mums – the little humans are less gentle…

I’m told that I’m wonderfully crisp with a lovely taste and a thick crunch – that’ll be my gorgeous ridges. I don’t like to brag but I may have the best ridges in this town. My seasoning makes me taste better any other salted crisp you will ever know.

Well today my lovelies is your lucky day. I know that you’ve been wanting to know what I get up to in my free time. So I’m pleased to share with you this exclusive – a day in my life in the Cookies and Cwtches household. They are a great bunch of humans – and they seem to like me too!

The little humans let me sleep in their room, and even let me borrow their teddy bear. I woke up in the morning feeling fine, I’d had a great sleep and was raring to go. So I brushed my teeth and washed my face and was looking forward to the day ahead.

It was a sunny day so I invited some mates around to spend some time chilling in the garden.  I’m not sure if you’ve met them before? Introducing my besties – Cheese & Onion and Roast Chicken. I’d overheard my humans talking about these two. They were very pleased they are  suitable for vegetarians. I’m not sure what that means but I think that means that they are cool too.

We spent some time just hanging out, playing on the slide and having fun in the sandpit.

Then the grown up humans said it was time to go out and have a picnic. Oh boy we were so excited! I jumped into our little plastic carriage, and I met lots of new and different friends, like Mr Sandwich, Andy Apple and Bernie Banana. To be honest our carriage was a little bit plastic for my liking and very cramped but I was so excited to be off for a trip it didn’t matter too much.


After a short journey we were at the park. Woo hoo! The little humans were very excited to see me! Little did I know my adventure was to be short lived…but at least the little humans thought I was tasty!


And don’t worry, I’m so cool they made more of me! Available at a grocery store near you!


Disclosure – I was gifted the crisps for the purposes of this review and paid for my time. All opinions are honest and my own. 


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