Romeo and Juliet Cardiff Open Air Festival Review

Romeo and Juliet Cardiff Review

If you’ve been reading a lot of my posts recently you’ll know that I’ve been really enjoying Cardiff Open Air Festival this year. I’ve seen some great shows, and all of them a little bit different.

On Thursday night I headed down to Sophia Gardens to watch Romeo And Juliet, and this time I took my mum with me. It was really nice taking her actually, not only because we don’t do much together really, but also because she doesn’t go out to see theatre shows that much so it was really nice to have her opinion.

The first thing she said when she saw the venue was how it was not at all what she imagined. She thought we would be sitting on the grass and she was pleasantly surprised to see traditional raised seating that is undercover! She loved the cute little tables in the bar area which were decorated with the theme of Romeo and Juliet in mind.

As we settled down to watch the show it became apparent that we were watching a modern adaptation of this famous play. This was great for me, as it’s a play I have seen numerous times it is nice to see different interpretations. I love the language of Shakespeare and am always fascinated at the different interpretations that can be made by placing different emphasis on phrases and scenes.



The performance had a rhythmic element, and a young, edgy feel. Tybalt Capulet is portrayed as a woman which immediately brings the action into the modern world. The fight scenes were hands down one of the best elements of the show – they were simply brilliant. They were so effective and I imagine the effect was hard to achieve given the proximity of the audience to the stage.


The second Act was the best for me. As the stage got darker the lighting came into play which really added that extra dimension. Romeo grows up visibly before our eyes and powerful performances from Friar Lawrence and Juliet really pulled me in emotionally.




The only thing I would complain about is that the final scenes of Romeo and Juliet were played out on the floor of the stage and so were hard to see. We were at the back and couldn’t see at all and I saw many people craning their necks to look. I think it would have been much more effective had they remained on the raised area.

Romeo and Juliet is showing at Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival Everyman until the 30th July 2016. You can book tickets here.

Photos courtesy of Keith Stanbury.

Disclosure – we were gifted tickets for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



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    I was here too lol…hopefully one day we will recognise each other at an event and say HI…haha x

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