Saturday Kids Activities: A Film and Popcorn at home

Some Saturdays it just is rainy and cold and you don’t want to go out. This is what cosy afternoons in front of the TV were made for.

Last Saturday we spent the afternoon snuggled up under blankets watching Mama Mia! and eating popcorn!

I had recorded Mama Mia! earlier in the week as I thought Bean would love all the singing. She still remembers the girls from her nursery singing and dancing to Abba songs so knew some of the tracks already!

Bean is a little funny about films, and usually cinema trips end in disaster as she gets distressed at the most minor of things (all kids films seem to have a moment of ‘mild peril’ as they put it!). She LOVED Mama Mia! It was a big hit! And I got some sewing done at the same time – hand embroidering christmas ornaments for an order I had. Bonus.


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