Saturday Kids Activities: Bowling!

Last Saturday we went bowling! There is a big Hollywood Bowl complex in Cardiff Bay which is great for kids. There is not only bowling, but a place to eat and arcade games. It is a great place to while away a few hours on a rainy Saturday!

If you book online you can normally get a good deal, and there are normally special offers for mid-week visits if money is a bit tighter. The arcade can obviously eat up cash, so go in with a budget and stick to it. Luckily Bean is more than happy to be given £1 worth of 2ps to plug into the coin drop machines so that and a go on the air hockey doesn’t break the bank.

After a potch in the arcade we went bowling. Bean LOVED it! She had the side barriers up (as did I) and used the special ramp to slide the ball down and she was brilliant. She beat me in both games! The game really had her attention, she was interested in the scoring, and patiently waited her turn. A strawberry slush puppy made the afternoon perfect.


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