Saturday Kids Activities: Cinema

Today Daddy and I took Bean to the cinema to see The Lorax.

We went to the Vue Kids AM showing which costs a bargainous £1.50 each, and we took our own snacks, saving even more money.

These kids showings are great – they also do them at the Odeon. They happen weekend mornings or every day in the school holidays and they offer an affordable way to visit the cinema with the kids.

Another bonus is that because it is a special kids screening, there are other kids making noise and running about a bit so it is a bit more relaxed than a regular viewing.

Usually they show a movie that has been out a while, so it is not great for catching the latest release but it is perfect for whiling away a weekend morning and a real treat for us and for Bean.

AND The Lorax was fantastic, I’d highly recommend it. In fact the theme of the movie was so poignant I feel it deserves the focus of a future blog post….watch this space.


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