Saturday Kids Activities – Homemade Cards

I am a very disorganised person. This is why I started making my own cards. When I don’t have time to get to the shops I can simply make a card!

The same goes for the kids – they make their own cards. But this is more down to the fact that I think that homemade cards are cute, and they really mean something when from a little one. Bean loves making cards. She sits down and draws pictures, sticks stickers, uses glitter and glue and pretty much anything she can find to create a masterpiece. It also helps her handwriting too as she has to write the whole card herself, message included.

I bought a whole packet of blank cards and envelopes from The Works but you can pick them up from anywhere really. Not only does it work out as a really economical way of making cards, it also gets the kiddies creative juices flowing. Get some blank cards and always be prepared!


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