Saturday kids activities – party time!

Normally my posts about kids activities on a Saturday involve soft play and farms but today we went to a party, a grown ups party!

My best friend had her 30th birthday party tonight, she had a masquerade party and hired a function room so that people with children could bring them.

Bean was very excited. She’s been counting down the sleeps and picked her mask out to go with her dress. Hubby was not so impressed that we were taking them but I thought it was something different, we would be surrounded by friends and one late night wouldn’t kill them.

We had a blast! Obviously we couldn’t drink but the kids had a whale of a time, there was colouring and balloons and bubbles and they loved dressing up and being big girls. Jelly slept in her pushchair for a while too.

We were back in the hotel for 11pm so no pumpkins for us. They’ll be tired tomorrow but we have a long car journey where they can catch up on sleep. It is very unlike me to be so easy going but I think I should do it more often!


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