Review: Bijou Cowbridge

Well today it was raining. No change there. So we needed something to do indoors, and something to use up some pent up energy.

I had a voucher for a local softplay centre that opened last year, Bijou. Free entry for the whole family, so I thought why not, let’s try it out. Read the review here.

Softplay is great for Bean. At 5 she is able to run off independently and will play quite happily. She uses up lots of energy, gets great exercise and plays with other children. I can sit and watch her from the cafe with a nice cuppa and do some work.

Now Jelly, at 1 is a different story. She wants to run off and follow her sister and she is too small for most softplay frames. So we need to go somewhere which has a good baby friendly area. Of course, there is no sitting with a cuppa and the laptop when she is around, as most of the time I am following her and playing, which is good too 🙂

Best of all however is at the weekends we take Daddy along, and Daddy is great at playing in places like this. He really gets stuck in and hurls himself down the slide like a big kid. Fun for everyone!

Do be careful about the cost of such an outing though. We can easily spend £20 in a couple of hours on entry and drinks and snacks. Look out for vouchers in the press, and offers on softplay centre’s websites. Take your own drinks for the kids (they are usually ok with you bringing drinks in sports cups) but of course it is usually not ok to bring your own food so try to go after lunch when the kids are full and limit them to one ‘treat’ for being good.

All in all a great rainy day activity!


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