Saturday Kids Activities: Sparks in the Parks, Cardiff

Last Saturday we were very excited to go to the annual Sparks in the Parks fireworks event in Cardiff.

Located in Cooper’s Field, Cardiff this event is easily accessible by car or public transport and is simply the best fireworks display that I have ever been to.

The tickets are available in advance or on the day (but they are cheaper in advance) and are very reasonably priced – advance purchase entry for a family of 4 is £15.

There are two displays – an earlier children’s fireworks and bonfire display and a later ‘adults’ display. Littler ones can enjoy the earlier display when it is quieter and be home and in bed on time. Our little bean however is hardcore so we went in later for the main display.

We wrapped up warm, with coats, gloves, hats and scarves and we wore our wellies as it had been raining and the ground would likely be boggy – which it was!

There are various stalls selling food and drinks, Bean had candyfloss and we all shared fresh sugar donuts and had warm drinks.

There is also a fairground area with rides and fairground games. Bean played pick a penguin – an alternative to hook the duck! It was pricey at £3 for the game but you were guaranteed a prize and she picked a Zooble – the latest craze so she was very pleased with that!

The fireworks and bonfire we as always awesome and I’d highly recommend going to an organised display. Safety is paramount and it is nice to see a display where every little thing is though of. Much safer (and cheaper) than lighting your own fireworks in the garden – and you certainly wouldn’t have the same atmosphere!

The evening was only dampened slightly by Bean insisting she needed the toilet at the end of the display – so she missed the end. Luckily there are portaloos on site – and Daddy braved them with her! Lucky Daddy!


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