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Ovo Energy Review and £25 Amazon Code

I’ve written recently about saving money. It’s a topic that is on my mind a lot as we prepare to move house. We’ll have a bigger mortgage and the house needs a lot of money spending on it so I’m trying to cut back on other things where I can.

I’ve recently swapped my Gas and Electricity to Ovo Energy. We were previously with EDF but they kept putting our monthly payments up to the point where I thought I would look around to see if someone else could do it cheaper. A comparison searched highlighted Ovo Energy. I hadn’t heard of them so googled them to find they had great reviews. I was apprehensive about the pain that swapping would be but it was going to save me £30 a month so I thought it was worth a go.

The switch was perfectly managed by Ovo Energy. The changeover was straightforward and my account page on their website kept me updated. It was honestly very painless which was great!

We have been with them for about 4 months now and I am so glad we swapped. They remind you every month to submit your meter readings which is great as it means that you will never get into huge debt or have a large credit on your account as it will be kept updated.

Their website is also really useful as it gives you comparisons showing how much energy you used last year compared to this year and how much you are using this year compared to an average usage. I think this really helps me to keep my bills down as I want it to be less than last year!!

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 20.58.30

Interestingly it also shows you how much a day you are using roughly. I had no idea we were basically spending £5 a day on energy. Again that is incentive for me to try to cut that down.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 20.58.40

I would thoroughly recommend swapping your utilities. Do a comparison search and find out if you could save money. I saved £30 a month which is nothing to sniff at. If you do decide to go with Ovo Energy if you use this link you will get £25 in Amazon vouchers (as will I for referring you so comment if you do and I will love you forever!!).

Disclosure – this post contains an affiliate link. 


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