Saying Thank You

Saying Thank You

So it’s the end of term. We all wait with bated breath for the school reports to be sent home. Inevitably we cry over them, we are delighted that our children are doing well at school, that they are happy, that they are thriving. And if they are not, we recognise that they are being helped, helped by people in their lives who have been a huge influence on them for the past year.

We worry about what to get our children’s teachers as end of year gifts. Do we club together to buy something big, or do we just buy a job lot of chocolate boxes that are reduced in Asda and dish them out? Some of us might have the time to make something personal and homemade to express our gratitude.

I think that whatever you get for these teacher’s doesn’t matter. What matters is the sentiment. You are saying thank you to them for looking after your babies for the last year. For cuddling them when they fall over, for teaching them to read and explaining Brexit to them when you couldn’t fathom it yourself. For getting to know your children’s little personalities, for caring about them. You don’t have to get them anything expensive, but it is nice to say thank you.

I was saddened this year to see so many people going unthanked. The Brownie and Rainbow leaders, the music teachers, the dance teachers. Some of these people are volunteers – they give up their precious time to provide fun activities for our children, would it hurt to give them a little something? Nothing expensive,  a hand-drawn picture from your child even would mean a lot. I think it teaches your child to appreciate what they have and to say thank you for the good people in their lives.

We trust our children to these people on a weekly basis, let’s celebrate them.




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  1. July 19, 2016 / 11:26 pm

    I dropped off two boxes of chocolates and a card today, you have a good point though it may be worth writing a thank you card for his swimming teacher and karate teacher too.

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