The School Holidays Are Costing Me A Fortune

I don’t know about anyone else but the school holidays are costing me a fortune! We decided not to go on a big holiday this year as we are still reeling from the costs of renovating the house. We had the garden done just as summer started and it used up the very last of our savings so we don’t have any ‘spare’ money saved up for the summer break and I’m feeling it!

The cost of the summer holidays really adds up. Even though I try to do lots of things that are free, there are always incidental costs. And of course I want the children to have fun over the summer, but with three children it’s proving costly. It’s worse this summer because the weather has been so poor we can’t take our usual picnics out with us on days out and trips to the park or playground are squeezed into rain free spells. The cost of indoor activities is huge, and I’m really feeling the cost of it this year. Let me tell you how expensive it all is…

Soft play will regularly cost us £30. It’s at least £5 each to get in and we usually spend over £15 on food when we are in there.

Even though I take the children to the ‘cheap’ cinema and buy them snacks from the shops before we go this will still cost us over £20.

Museums are often free but there are still parking and petrol costs and lets face it, we all need a coffee and a cake break, there goes another £10.

Our cheap camping weekend adds up too, the tent has cost £200 and other bits and bobs like a sleeping bag for Little Boy and disposable barbecues are adding to the cost, not to forget the ice creams that we’ll be buying when we’re there.

The food shop is more expensive because the children are tagging along with me, wanting things! I also tend to buy them more ‘treat’ items than I would in term time and these make the shop more costly.

Crafts are a great way to while away a rainy day but you need to buy the craft stuff in the first place. We have a big drawer of things but invariably we’ll always need something like glue or more paint.

And don’t forget all the back to school shopping that needs to be done. Three pairs of school shoes in Clarks will cost me over £100 this summer and the school uniform will be at least another £150 due to the expensive school branded stuff we need to buy. That’s before the new pencil cases and pens, school bags and lunchboxes the kids will want get added on. Oh and of course 3 x back to school haircuts will add another £20 to the back to school bill.

So basically the school holidays are crippling me financially! It doesn’t help that I can’t work as much as usual because the eldest two are home all day and in the evening I’m so much more exhausted from entertaining them all day which makes it harder to keep awake to work! I know that I need to reign it in now and focus on very cheap or free ways to entertain the kids. Any ideas welcome, I’ll be putting a post together next week which I hope will inspire me (and hopefully you guys if you are feeling the same).

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School Holidays Are Costing Me A Fortune


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