Shhh…get a FREE Graze box

Free Graze Box

For those not familiar with Graze, they do these neat little snack boxes which land on your doorstep as often or not as you want them to. (If you want to try one of these boxes for free check out my previous post).

They also do Breakfast Boxes. We get a Graze Breakfast Box delivered every other week and it is a real treat. They used to be different types of porridge but now there are cereals and granolas and muesli added to the mix too so you get a real variety. Four nutritious breakfasts delivered for only £3.99. They are perfect for home but I like to send them off with the hubby so I know he has a yummy filling breakfast at work.

Do you want to want to try a free graze box? New users can use the code below to get their first, fifth and tenth boxes free. Sound good?!

1. Go to

2. Enter your invite code ALINAD6R

3. Enjoy your FREE boxes

Graze Breakfast Box


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