Siblings – January 2016

Siblings January 2016

It is still so hard to get decent photos of the three of my little monkeys together! They are never all in one place, looking the same way or staying still! So for the most part any siblings shots have the little one in his pushchair!

siblings january 2016

This photo was taken on my birthday. We’d had a bit of a rubbish day as the little one was sick and by the afternoon everyone was getting grumpy and cranky so we decided to go for a little walk down to the beach. The girls took their scooters and burnt off some energy! We bumped into friends and had a little chat then stopped for a hot chocolate and cake (and ice cream for the girls despite the weather!). We got home feeling much better and it really turned my birthday around! It won’t be long before we are getting a little scooter for the little man as he is trying to get on his sister’s already!

I’m looking forward to taking a photo of my three every month and at the end of the year having a lovely set of 12 pictures to show how much they have developed over the course of a year.

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