Snack attack plan…

This summer in an attempt to make eating times more relaxed for Bean, and for me, we are going with a new snack regime. Bean of course has selective eating disorder which makes trying new food (or eating any food that is not on her ‘safe’ list) very difficult impossible. I got this idea from a blog that I absolutely adore over in the USA IHeart Organizing. (I can’t find the exact link but please have a browse of this fab blog anyway!!)

The idea is that every night before I go to bed I will apportion three dry snacks and three ‘wet’ snacks each. These will be put into little tubs on the kitchen counter and on a low shelf in the fridge so that the girls (Jelly with the help of Bean) will be able to head off and help themselves whenever they are feeling nibbleish. Stress is off me as I don’t have to listen to Bean whine all the time that she is hungry, stress is off her as she doesn’t have to nag me for food and the snacks will be healthy ones so I know that she is not raiding the chocolate cupboard!

As the snacks are apportioned into little baggies or pre-wrapped they are nice and easy to throw in a bag and take out with us for the day too.

IMG_3895 IMG_3893

Here are the cute little tubs on their first day of use…wish me luck…here’s hoping for a stress free summer!

IMG_3894 IMG_3892



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