Sometimes I feel like I am drowning…

Ever feel like you are drowning in a sea of things that need to be done?

This is exactly what I feel like lately. I have lots of work to do – ‘real’ work as I call it – freelance writing. Just about every weekend I have been holed up in my bedroom on the laptop while the hubby has fun with the kids. And this weekend will be no different. Now we do need the money, so I can’t turn the work down, but it really is tiring.

It’s not just work, it is the days too. They fly by one after each other and I seem to just churn myself through the never ending list of chores. Today for example I have to blog, finish off some handmade dribble bib orders, and then catch up with the housework, change the cat litter, clean the dining room, sort out the washing, put the clothes away etc etc, the list is endless. We have recently had the luxury of having a cleaner in but she had a mild heart attack a couple of weeks ago so we are without again. We wish her well and I really don’t want her to rush back to work, but I do need to find someone temporary in the meantime…which I need time to do!

Tonight I am picking up one of Bean’s friends from school as his mother is feeling poorly, the only problem is his school is a 20 minute drive away and it is a bit of a rush to get the two school runs done on time! We are going on a soft play trip afterwards so it’s not all hard work I guess.

So anyway, I just feel a bit sorry for myself and in need of a bit of R&R. Bring on the summer.


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