Spirit Riding Free and The Spirit Riding Free Stable Sleepover Competition

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Spirit Riding Free is a fab cartoon show that can be found on POP and is showing on air now, you can catch it at the weekends at 12.30pm. It’s produced by Dreamworks and is set in the 19th century and focuses on a young girl called Lucky who bonds with a stallion called Spirit who she frees and heads off on adventures with, alongside two other girls and their own horses.

My girls love watching the show and it has some great values and themes running throughout, ones of friendship and adventure so it’s lovely for children to watch. It helps to remind my girls about the value of friendship and that girls can get up to adventures too!

My girls love it because they can identify with the girls in the show and they love following the adventures that they get up to. I love that it encourages friendship and caring for animals and it has a lovely innocent feel. Lucky moves from the city to the countryside and I can definitely identify with this as I moved schools and areas at the same age. I think it’s great for children around 6-11 years old, especially if they are into horses! The episodes are 20 minutes long which is the perfect length to watch while chilling at the weekend.

If you are a fan of the show or new to it you should head over to POP as there is a fantastic competition running on there at the moment. 3 winners will stay in a converted stable with a friend and enjoy a weekend full of all things Spirit – horse riding, fun activities and crafts, treasure hunts and lots more surprises! It sounds like an amazing experience and a dream come true for many children! I know that my girls would absolutely love to win a prize like this. Click on the link above to enter.






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