Starting School

This week has been a huge one in terms of milestones. Jelly Baby turned three, started school, got chicken pox and Bean will soon be seven (eeek!) and has just finished Rainbows ready to start being a Brownie. Next week we will all go off to see the new baby for our 20 week scan. It is all go – and all absolutely huge things that are happening so it is a little overwhelming!

Jelly Baby has been absolutely amazing starting school – I’ve been so so proud of her. For a child who usually is quite clingy and cries whenever I dropped her to nursery 2 mornings a week she has turned it around completely! She gives me a kiss and runs off to sit on the carpet at school with her friends. She has even gone into nursery this week with no tears. She has been simply wonderful. It has been a huge change for her, and she has asked on more than one occasion why she just can’t stay with me, snuggle and watch TV and it is hard to explain that she has to go to school every day but she has come to accept it and is doing so well. One of her teachers was so impressed with her speech – she said she speaks like a 7 year old!


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  1. February 21, 2014 / 1:03 pm

    Lovely picture! They do grow up so quickly. I thought recently, it seems about 10 minutes since I had a cute toddler running round the place in dungarees, and now I’m sitting at the dining room table discussing GCSE options with him! Where do the years go?

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