Struggling with building work….

This week we have had the builders in. Not to do anything exciting or glamorous mind – to put insulation on our external walls.

Yes I know that I will appreciate this more next winter when my heating bills are (hopefully) reduced but right now I am pretty grumpy about it.

The external insulation work has meant scaffolding taking up the entirety of our tiny garden which also has meant that we haven’t been able to get out there at all. So annoying when it was just getting warmer and sunnier. I also want to get out to the greenhouse to do some planting but no joy just yet.

The internal work has meant a steady stream of workmen traipsing through the house for three days solid, and while they try to clean up after themselves they can never quite do it. It has meant furniture moved all over the house and not being able to use three of our rooms.

There is light at the end of the tunnel now. The plaster is drying and we just need a carpenter to finish off the skirting and we need to repaint the walls. When it is finished it will look bright and lovely – and will be warm!!

I guess it is because I am pregnant that I have struggled so much with the mess, with the constant disruption as I am grumpy and tired anyway. Either way, I cannot wait for it all to be over!


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