Sunny Days

There is something about sunny days which make me happy. Of course I’m not the only one – the chance to get our pasty white pins out and don a flowery frock is something that brings out the cheer in all of us.

It’s so nice to be able to sit in the garden, to watch the children play and have fun in their own little space and to actually get the chance of some ‘me’ time – sitting and watching them with a lovely cold drink and a magazine. No nagging, no stress and no messy house to look at! I don’t even mind doing the washing as it is such a novelty to put it on the line and watch it blowing in the wind.

Mealtimes are more relaxed – we have dinner in the garden and are still out there when Daddy comes home. Mummy is happy and we have all eaten lollies and the girls are invariably sticky but a cool bath is so much fun afterwards. Many, many a time I have thought how much happier I would be if I lived in a hotter country, where outdoor time was normal and not such a rare treat. Unfortunately Mr Cookies and Cwtches hasn’t been convinced of the perks of moving to California just yet but I still have time!


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