Sure Compressed Anti-Perspirant Review

If you have browsed the supermarket deodorant aisles recently you will  have noticed a new revolution in antiperspirant – compressed bottles.

Unilever have developed a way of compressing their full size aerosols into smaller bottles, meaning less environmental damage, less packaging, less transport costs and also a more conveniently sized product.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who struggled to squeeze their antiperspirant bottle into a gym bag or toiletries bag. This new bottle size is great, it is the same size as a body spray but contains a full size antiperspirant. For the first time, this product has become handbag size –  a great idea in my opinion!

The product is the same and has the same Sure great smell and performance so I fail to see how this is not a winner. Same product, smaller bottle. Great all round!

There has been some negative press regarding the cost of the new anti-perspirant. The RRP of the compressed antiperspirants is exactly the same as their full size counterparts. Now the price should have been reduced. Well, maybe. But I’m sure there was a massive cost in developing the new packaging, and reduced costs would be able to be factored in later. Now for me, that makes sense because you are getting the same amount of product for your money, but I guess you can’t please everyone!

I was gifted two bottles of Sure Compressed Anti-Persiprant to review from All opinions and views are my own. 


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