That’s my hero…

Last week was half term and we spent a lot of time drawing and colouring and generally having fun. Tots100 were running a competition about who your child considered to be their hero and I was interested to ask Bean who her hero was, and the answer was both surprising and not…

Her hero is her best friend from school. Interesting, both because this to me is an unusual hero, but also at the same time I am not surprised because she really does love her best friend.

Bean’s best friend is a boy. They met when I met his mother outside the nursery doors on Bean’s first day. Bean was a couple of weeks late starting because they had changed her place from afternoon to mornings after someone failed to take their place. I was obviously nervous but this boy’s mother helped put me at ease, and asked her little boy to watch Bean as it was her first day. Whether that was why they found firm friends in each other or not I don’t know, but Bean absolutely adores him, they play together, they work together, they go to out of school activities together. She is upset when he is hurt and they look after each other.

Now, I know that this is not a ‘typical’ hero figure, but it got me thinking that perhaps it was a much more realistic one. What does anyone want more than a best friend? Someone to talk to, laugh with, cry with, and who will look after you. Thinking about it, that person would be a hero to me, in an everyday way, and in a very important way. I am so glad that Bean found him, and I hope that she is as much of a hero to him as he is to her.


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