The heat is killing us….

I am now going to be one of those people who moans about the hot weather. Feel free to switch off now!

I LOVE the hot weather. I think there is nothing better than not having to put lots of clothes on, eating lunch in the garden and hanging the washing out to dry. BUT Jelly is not of the same opinion. She hates the heat. She will not eat, will not sleep and has generally made everybody miserable for the last week. Now I need some sleep, and some time to do work…so it needs to be a bit cooler. Not for me, you understand but for her.

She will not nap in her bedroom anymore. She will only nap in the car or the pushchair. And since the car is invariably as hot as an oven, this means the pushchair is the only viable option. Which means lots of walking for me, and tiptoeing around her when she is back in the house.

Today it is cooler and yet she still woke up before six, meaning that she is napping now at 9.30 which means she will miss her lunchtime nap and need to nap at 2, which is when we need to be somewhere and also no good as we need to leave for school at 3.15 so she would only have an hour…

So, summer and heat I love you, but my baby does not, and my baby wins so please cool down a little (just a little!).


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