The house of the sick…

So today Bean is off school as she has been up all night being sick. Firstly I hate hate hate her being ill, secondly I hate hate hate sick. Hopefully it is just a little bug as she seems much brighter this morning.

However this has turned my day upside down. I had planned to go to Sing and Sign class with Jelly Baby and was especially gutted not to go because there is a photographer there today and I love pictures of my girls. I also am getting no work done and have to entertain Jelly baby indoors all day whilst doing load upon load of laundry.

Had it just been Bean and I today would have been spent knitting an snuggling on the sofa together. Days like these remind me how hard it is being a parent and how impossible it is getting everything come. There is so much I want to achieve and so little time to do it in.


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