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Last night I headed over to Cardiff’s New Theatre to watch the chilling play The Woman In Black. I was really looking forward to watching it, so many people had told me great things about it and I do love a good scary story!

 As a literature student I absolutely loved Susan Hill’s best selling novel and this adaptation by Stephen Mallatratt has terrified over 7 million theatre goers since it first opened – that’s quite a number!

the woman in black cardiff

The play started with an elderly Arthur Kipps trying to mumble out his story. He is interrupted by The Actor who tries to ply a better ‘performance’ out of him. It is funny and helps to break the tension. The audience is nervous, waiting for something scary to happen and we don’t have to wait long.

The elderly Arthur Kipps and The Actor soon get into the swing of their ‘performance’, their roles reverse and The Actor plays a Young Mr Kipps who embarks on a job as a young solicitor to sort the affairs of a deceased elderly client. When he arrives he finds that people are scared of the deceased’s property and he soon starts seeing The Woman In Black, first at the funeral and later at the house.

The stage is dimly lit and The Woman in Black appears in the shadows. I found myself on edge, waiting for her to appear from gloomy corners of the stage and jumping out of my skin when her gaunt white face appeared.

Eerie noises from the rocking horse, music from a children’s toy and creaking and banging added to the creepy atmosphere and several times the audience visibly jumped as The Woman In Black appeared or something scary happened.

As the story unfolds you come to learn who the mysterious Woman In Black is and that her story is not over. There is a twist at the end which will leave you reeling.

Robin Herford’s gripping production promised a brilliantly successfully study in atmosphere, illusion and controlled horror and I can confirm that it does just what it promises. A truly wonderful piece of theatre, and especially impressive given the two man cast (plus The Woman In Black of course). Take someone to cuddle up to and prepare to be afraid!

The Woman in Black plays at the New Theatre from Tuesday 6 – Saturday 10 June 2017 at 7.30pm plus Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 2.30pm. Tickets are £10.00 – £27.00*. For further details about the show or to book tickets visit or call the Box Office on (029) 2087 8889.

*Bookings are subject to a Ticketing Service Charge (exemptions apply).

Look out for my review on the blog next week!

Disclosure – we are being provided with tickets to The Woman In Black for the purpose of a review.


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