Thrifty Thursday: How to tell if an egg has gone bad

There is a little trick that everyone should know where you can tell if an egg is still ok to use. Eggs now have best before dates stamped on them, but occasionally I’ll have some that go a couple of days over their best before and I am always wary about using them. This is such a waste so when I read this tip I just had to share.

Pop your egg into a bowl of water. If it sinks it is ok to use, if it floats it is not. As eggs get older their shells let in air, meaning that it will float if it is too old. Nice and simple way of telling, and getting a few extra days out of those eggs.

Of course it goes without saying that always buy free range eggs, and try to buy organic where possible, these are less likely to contain salmonella, so another weight off your mind. Also remember to cook your eggs thoroughly all the way through!


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