Thrifty Thursday – Re-using gift bags

* Thrifty Thursday *

Today’s thirty tip lets you in on one of my dirtiest secrets. I reuse gift bags. There I have said it. And I think that everyone should do the same.

Since I had the children I have received (or should I say they have received) tonnes of lovely gifts, quite often in nice gift bags. Originally I kept them as they were a reminder of my baby being born or her first birthday, but as time went on I became less sentimental and thought, hang on – instead of going to the shops and spending £2 on a new one, why don’t I just pop the present into one of the ones I already have. And that is what I always do now. Only very occasionally will I need to buy a new one – if I am terribly disorganised and buying a pressie on the go or if I have an unusual shaped gift.

So I encourage you to do the same. Of course only use nice gift bags. If they are tatty do something else with them – cut them up for crafts etc. Don’t throw pretty bags away!

I am choosing two for teacher’s gifts today.



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