Thrifty Thursday: Using The Internet as a Free Tool

I am a thrifty little thing (sometimes) – well I like to save money where I can. One of the ways I save money is by using the internet to it’s full advantage – I pay for my internet connection and I might as well use it. It saves me a fortune in recipe books, patterns and all manner of things. For example a couple of months ago a warning light came up on our car dashboard – I googled it and found that there is a test you can do on the car yourself which tells you what the problem is. £100 saved on getting the garage to connect it to a computer!

On a more everyday basis I use the internet for looking up recipe ideas. My favourite sites are… – this is a great source of inspiration, and the recipes are reviewed by the public.


For crafty patterns I now use Pinterest a lot – simply type in something like “free crochet hat pattern” and it will pop up with images which are relevant – follow the links and you will usually find a blog with a free pattern or tutorial.

Another great source for patterns is Ravelry. You can also pay for patterns via this site but there are plenty of free ones to choose from.
For money saving tips I use and of course don’t forget that there are lots of educational resources available on iTunesU for free, and plenty of books to download for free via iTunes.

This is really a very small list of the things that I use the most often, but the internet is the tool to free information. Remember that and you are laughing.




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