Time For A Big Bed

There are many little milestones to go through as your little ones grow up and one of them is transitioning to a ‘big bed’. All of my little ones have started life in a cot bed and we’ve taken the side off when they were ready. I can remember the day that Little Boy grew out of his cot. I put him upstairs for a nap in his cot and headed downstairs to make myself some lunch. About five minutes later he appeared next to me downstairs with the biggest grin on his face! He’d managed to climb out of his cot and come down two flights of stairs. That day we knew he was ready to have the sides taken off his cot. This photo was taken as I found him downstairs!

He’s now nearly four and it’s nearly time for him to move into a proper sized single bed. It’s a simple thing really but of course like any milestone reached there are a lot of emotions attached to it. The cot bed that he is coming out of has been used by his sister before him and it’s now time to get rid of it completely. Milestone moments are always that little bit more bittersweet with your last baby because they are not just the first of something, they are inevitably the last. In this case it’s the last time that cot will be used and the last little baby bed in the house to go.

But anyway, I’m going to put all of that aside and embrace the excitement of a new ‘big boy bed’. I’m going to look for a white bed frame and get a good quality mattress. There are some great spring mattress deals on Groupon at the moment so it’s a great time of year for me to be shopping for a new bed. I can’t wait to buy him some new bedding and see his little face when he hops into his big bed for the first time. I know that bed will be his for the years to come, it will see his first sleepover with his mates and that I’ll snuggle up with him in the evenings to read him a book.

Time flies way too fast and I want to treasure every step and moment.



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