I should start with an apology, I’ve been rubbish at blogging lately. I blame the 11 week old who is taking up so much of my time. And he’s not just taking my time, he’s taking my sleep too.

While there is no arguing that Sprout is a great sleeper at night I still have to wait up to express for the dream feed at 10.30 and he wakes once in the night, and can quite often be awake for over an hour then. So I reckon I’m averaging about 5 hours sleep a night. Coupled with the other two kiddies I am cream crackered by the beginning of the evening let alone the end of the day.

We put Sprout down at 7 but it can take an hour to really settle him and then by the time we have put the girls to bed and had dinner it is 9 o’clock and all I am fit for is lounging on the sofa and often falling asleep there.

So yes, this is an apology for not being here so much and an explanation as to why. I know that people understand this, but it’s frustrating to me more than anything. I want to be writing, tweeting, taking photos and BLOGGING! I feel like I am missing out on a lot in the blogging world, that I have so many ideas that are languishing untouched.

But at least I know that I am enjoying my little family. That my energy is being spent in the right place – with them. And things will get better, I know that. But for now I’m tired.


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