Toilet Training My Cats….Am I Mad??!!

In a fit of inspiration the other night I ordered a toilet training for cats kit …. CitiKitty.

It was a bargain on Amazon and I had been thinking about it since we got the cats.

Our cats Polly and Amber are indoor cats. I did a lot of research when we got them and I didn’t want them to get run over, bring home fleas, diseases and most of all mice. The one downside of having them as indoor cats though is the litter tray. With two cats and limited space the best place for the litter tray in our house is next to the toilet. It’s not too bad, when they use it we can scoop it straight into the toilet and flush. But it is the only bathroom in the house and sharing it with 5 people and 2 cats is not great. And the litter smells. It is unavoidable. I change it twice a week but really you can still smell it. And it is a pain to change. And the cost of litter adds up. And the litter gets everywhere.

So I thought it would be really great if I could train the cats to use the toilet properly, then no more litter tray, no more litter! The kit came today so I plan to start using it today, I will let you know periodically how it goes!

Stage one: Using the new tray instead of the old one. This is just to get the cats used to the new tray. Little steps are the key…







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  1. linaloves2012
    September 13, 2012 / 8:48 pm

    Stage one success – the cats are using the new tray, with less litter in place of their old one. There was a poo stand-off for 2 days though!

    Next week – raising the tray a little.

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