Travelling abroad with a little one

When Bean was little we were lucky enough to go abroad several times. It was when she was about 18 months that we took her abroad for our first family holiday. There were lots of fun times but also lots of stressful times as it was the first time we had taken her abroad but we learnt lots about how to do it in the future. Here are some of my top tips for travelling abroad with a little one.

Top Tip 1: Pack a little rucksack for the plane with essentials. Pack snacks / drinks etc. (Be wary of the liquid regulations – you may have to buy your drink once you have gone through baggage control). Also pack some colouring / activities to do on the plane. Some chewy sweets or a dummy for littler ones is a great idea for take off and landing. We made sure our flights were at nap time so she actually slept for most of the flight.

Top Tip 2: Make sure that where you are staying has everything that you need. We stayed in a self catering villa as the pool was right outside and I would be able to cook suitable baby food for her. This also eliminated any worries about what she would be able to eat in a hotel as we could buy similar foods to home from the nearby supermarket. We also made sure that the villa had a cot and highchair.

Top Tip 3: Take a dictionary or look up some useful words and phrases in the language of where you are staying. For example we had a problem when buying milk in the supermarket as the colours were different and we didn’t know the Portuguese for ‘whole milk’.

Top Tip 3: There are plenty of travel friendly baby products which are great for taking away. We bought travel steriliser bags for bottles etc and took a fold up travel high chair for eating out. A small stroller is also handy for taking with you to save your normal one from getting bashed about in baggage control.

Top Tip 4: Be super organised when you are travelling. Know what times your flights are and allow contingency time. We all know that babies don’t follow a timetable so allow some extra time to keep things relaxed. Make sure you know where you are staying, and have all your travel documents and insurance papers safe.

Top Tip 5: When you are away relax and have fun. Throw the timetable out of the window. Eat picnics outside and let the kids have ice cream. Let them fall asleep in the stroller while you enjoy an early evening walk along the beach and stop for a glass of wine – after all it is your holiday too!

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