Turtle Mat Thrifty Christmas Jumper Challenge

I love a thrifty crafty challenge and I certainly haven’t done as much crafting as I’d have liked to recently so I jumped at the challenge from Turtle Mat to make a thrifty christmas jumper for £5.

I think Christmas is all about glitter and sparkle so I knew I wanted something sparkly but minimal effort and it of course had to come in at under £5.

So I bought some gold Fimo for £2.29 from Hobbycraft and some silver sequins for £.99 also from Hobbycraft bringing me in well under the £5 budget.

I made these large gold stars out of the Fimo by rolling out the clay and cutting it into shape with a cookie cutter. I then poked holes in the corners with a skewer and cooked them according to the instructions.

I then sewed these onto the jumper and sewed the sequins in a pattern around them. I think the effect is great and I have a fab thrifty jumper which didn’t take too much time and effort. The bonus was the girls really enjoyed helping me to make the gold stars with the Fimo.

What do you think? Not bad on a budget! I’ll be wearing mine to my baby group’s Christmas Party!

Disclosure – this post is an entry into the Turtle Mat Thrifty Christmas Jumper challenge. I was provided with the jumper and £5 for embellishments as part of the challenge.



  1. Claire Barker
    December 12, 2014 / 4:10 am

    it looks really lovely, well done.

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