Two weeks of doctors and vets…

We have been going through one of those periods lately where you feel like you are always in the doctor – does everyone else get this too?

Last week we were in the doctor’s twice – once because Jelly had conjunctivitis and another time so that she could have her MMR booster (early because of the local outbreak).

This week it is a bad week for our pets. Tracy the goldfish has developed we think swim bladder disease. She has not responded to eating peas, stopping feeding her or the swim bladder medicine. She floats upside down in her tank and I can’t help but feel that we are watching her on a slow route to fishy heaven.

One of our cat’s Polly today became unwell with a suspected urine infection. Cue expensive vet’s trip (£62!!) and now we must administer painkillers and tablets at set times of the day for a while. Worst of all – we have to get a urine sample off her!!

In all seriousness it is horrible. I wish that I could do something to make Tracy better and poor Polly is obviously in some discomfort which is not nice. Let’s hope next week is more straightforward and without the added stress of doctor’s and vet’s visits!


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