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I’ve been writing about Ty Hafan‘s Precious Moments campaign for the last two weeks but if you have missed it you can catch up here and here.

Last week I was invited to tour the Ty Hafan premises to see first hand what an amazing place it is. Nestled in a quiet spot in Sully when I arrived it felt peaceful, but inside it was bright, vibrant and lively. Not at all like the hospice I had imagined in my head inside it was a place for children and their families to have fun, play, spend some time together and enjoy some amazing facilities.

Of course they have a state of the art care wing, but they also have 10 bedrooms where families and their children can stay on short breaks. There is a dining room and lounge area, as well as a separate lounge area and playroom. The playground outside has lots of equipment that means all the children can enjoy it, even those who are in wheelchairs. There is a sensory room, a hydrotherapy pool, an arts and crafts room, a music room, a computer area and a complimentary therapy room.

Ty Hafan is about more than their hospice though. They also help many children and their families with outreach facilities in their own homes. They can also advocate for them where needed to get them the help they need from the government or other sources.

The service that Ty Hafan provides is completely free of charge and available to those children who live in Wales and aren’t expected to reach their 18th birthday. Their walls are full of the handprints of the children who they have helped. It breaks my heart that many of these children aren’t here any more but it is wonderful that they had the help and support of such a wonderful organisation when they can. I’m in no doubt at all that Ty Hafan enriches all of their lives.

Ty Hafan needs £4 million a year to run. 4% of this comes from government funding leaving a massive amount to be independently raised. This is why campaigns such as this precious moments one are so important – because they help to raise awareness of this amazing cause.

The word of the week is Inspiring. If all of the above wasn’t inspiring enough I’m sharing a photo today of one of our inspiring precious moments. This is Bean backstage at her dancing show in London earlier this month. She performed in the Royal Theatre with her dancing school. At 8 years old how inspiring is that?

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 22.07.48

I’d love to see your precious moments relating to the word Inspiring. You can tweet or Instagram them with the hashtag #preciousmoments.



  1. December 2, 2015 / 8:32 pm

    I think the word inspiring is just perfect for this post because everything you have said is inspiriting x

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