Ty Hafan’s Precious Moments Campaign – Santa

This is the last week of Ty Hafan’s Precious Moments campaign. Thank you so much to everyone who has joined in and helped to raise awareness for such a wonderful cause.

This week’s word is Santa. A very apt word for this week indeed! It is a precious moment indeed meeting Santa and we have been lucky enough to have seen Father Christmas a few times this year! Every moment is special. Bean is at the age where she doesn’t believe that the Santa we see is real (but she still believes he is a helper – the magic isn’t completely lost!). But for JB Father Christmas is awesome, magical, exciting! This year she is full of the magic of christmas and it is a wonder to behold.

This is her sitting on Santa’s lap recently…


She has told Father Christmas that she wants a baby doll for Christmas. We already have three baby dolls, and she doesn’t play with any of them so she won’t be getting another one so I hope she won’t be too disappointed!!

Please do join in this final week and share your precious moment with Santa using the hashtag #preciousmoments and tag @ty_hafan on Twitter or @tyhafan on Instagram.


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