Vanish Oxi Action Review

Vanish Oxi Action Review

As a mummy to two messy little girls I am no stranger to stains and spills. It seems every load of washing has some item with a stain going into it. I have to confess, I have just learned to get used to the girls ruining their clothes, but when I was given the opportunity to try out Vanish Oxi Action for free as a BzzAgent I grabbed the opportunity with both hands!

I do admit, I was a little sceptical. In the past I have tried stain removers to limited success. But this time, I did my research! Helpfully Vanish have set up a tip exchange – find it on Facebook – you can click on any stain imaginable and people have written their tips on how to get rid of them!!

The big test for Vanish Oxi Action came when a biro mysteriously got into a load of washing. As yo u can imagine, the mess and destruction that biro wielded was immense! It was all over two towels, which were so soiled that I did have to throw them away, but there were also spots of biro marks all over Bean’s ballet dress and hubby’s favourite Superdry hoody. I looked on the tip exchange and found that people recommended hairspray to get rid of biro. So I sprayed each mark with hairspray, put the items in the wash again immediately with a scoop of vanish and believe it or not it worked! Many of the stains were gone completely and a couple of the bigger blobs were much lighter, and I am sure will be completely gone with the next treatment. I was completely amazed!

I would thoroughly recommend checking out the Vanish Tip Exchange and having a tub of Vanish Oxi Action ready in the cupboard for emergencies! Although I don’t actually save mine for emergencies, I pop a scoop into every white washing load as it helps to keep my whites looking bright and stain free. An essential item for every mum of messy pups!!
Disclosure – I was gifted the Vanish Oxi Action via my role as a BzzAgent. All opinions and thoughts on the product are completely my own.



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