Washable baby wipes

Following on from my handmade dribble bibs I had some scraps of fabric left that I didn’t want to waste. I had the idea to make some washable wipes. Jelly is an EXTREMELY messy eater and we were getting through a fair amount of disposable wet wipes, which cost money.

So I cut out squares of my leftover fabric, sewed them onto terry towelling, turned them inside out and sewed again and made some fabulous and funky washable wipes. I stick them in the normal wash and they come out beautiful again.

I actually find them so much better than wet wipes too, and of course without the chemical nasties. I wet them with warm water and they are much more useful at cleaning my grubby baby than a flimsy wet wipe.

Give it a go with some fabric scraps and old towels.

I have made some which are now for sale in my online shop – again, out of new materials!! But if you are into money saving – make your own!


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