Week 2 Of The Summer Holidays 2018

I know, we are just about to go back to school and I’m still harping on about the summer holidays! Well, I wanted to write these posts as a sort of memoir of our summer together, but over the summer I’ve been too busy having fun to sit down and blog! So better late than never is always my motto…

The second week of the summer holidays started with Miss J and I heading off to Bath for the night on our own. It’s our yearly stay away and much needed one on one time together. We went to Bath last year and she wanted to do exactly the same thing again this year. I’ll make sure I blog about the trip but for now it’s on my YouTube channel if you want to watch what we got up to.

When we got back from Bath we had a quiet day at home, we made playdough and the kids set up an ice cream shop in the playhouse in the garden. We then went for a walk to the local lake and they all climbed some trees and let of steam in the playground.





The next day we had a builder coming in to do some work on the house so we planned a day out. We headed to Roath Park in Cardiff and took Lexi for her first picnic! It was really hot so I was worried about how she would cope in the heat all day but we took her water bottle and she was tired but she managed fine. It was so lovely to have her with us for the day too.


On Thursday we had tickets to see The Gruffalo’s Child at the New Theatre which we all enjoyed – you can read our review here.


On the Friday I had a rare going out to work day as I headed into Cardiff for the Post Office Broadband and Google Digital Garage event. I had a lovely day and Daddy took all three children to a trampoline park so they didn’t miss out either!


At the weekend I had my hair done and spent lots of time catching up and finishing all my work before we headed on holiday the week after.


Although this is technically the next week it’s the only day of that week before we headed to France so I had to include it here! We had a lovely day with some friends at a local farm. We saw the animals, had a picnic and ate ice cream. The kids got on so well and the mummies had a great catch up too!

I’ll be writing separate posts about our France holiday so watch this space!


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