Weekend Box – Review

Some weekends do you just find yourself wondering what you are going to do with the kids – it’s raining and cold outside but you don’t want to let them sit and watch hours of TV inside either. The Weekend Box takes all the worry about thinking of activities for them – we were lucky enough to review a box last weekend.

We were emailed to say that our weekend box had an Aztec theme and also told that we needed some extra ingredients for one of the activities (hot chocolate). This was great as we knew to include these items on the weekly shop and not have to make a special trip to buy them over the weekend.

The girls absolutely love having post and were so excited to get this on the Friday – they couldn’t wait to open it. Inside were four sealed envelopes and instruction cards for each activity so they could chose what they wanted to do. They did the activities over the course of the weekend and there was plenty to keep them entertained – we even had one activity spare. What I really liked about it was that there was enough craft material for them both to take part rather than having to buy them a box each or them having to share.

I also thought it was great that the box had a theme – the girls learnt all about the Aztecs as well as using their creativity and imagination in the activities. It was a great rainy day activity and I am definitely considering ordering one of these a month to keep on standby.

Each box is £7.50 which is great value considering the four activities and there is no commitment on sign up either – just cancel when you want.

If you want to try a box for free I have an exclusive promotional code you can use:

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