Welcome to My New Life!

Hi and welcome to my new life! In a fit of inspiration I have decided to kick start a new life for myself, centering around my family – my two children (Bean – age 4 and Jelly – 6 months!).

The idea is that I need constant encouragement and motivation in order to do anything, and publishing this blog should provide me with the support and motivation I need to inspire change in my life. I am not content with ‘muddling along’ – I want to create a life and a family that is dynamic, successful and organised, and above all – HAPPY!

So – today – Saturday, whilst the baby is napping and Bean is watching Monsters Inc with Daddy and I am boiling lentils for puree I thought I would procrastinate no longer and get motivated!

I imagine that along the way you will get to know me and my life ethics, but for now, in usual chaotic style I have to check on the lentils! More later!


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