What’s your celebrity home style? #GreatBritishHome

So, I took this quiz on what my ‘celebrity home style’ is – and embarrassingly I came out as Sam Faiers / Joey Essex from TOWIE. I don’t watch TOWIE and never have – in fact I just had to google how to spell ‘Faiers’. So how can this travesty be true? Surely I am more classy than that? More unique? More individual? More vintage darling?!

I’m actually a little upset but obviously my tastes are more chav than I would like to imagine. But then looking at the blurb…perhaps my taste does fit the bill…

Everything about you screams glamour; you always look photo-ready, whether you are working out, shopping in designer boutiques or snuggled up at home in your designer onesie. You crave home comforts that make a statement – a faux fur blanket, embellished cushions and lots of crushed velvet. You use neutral shades mixed with metallic. Pride of place are family portraits, kitchen gadgets and the keys to your Range Rover.

While I’m not sure that everything about me screams glamour (scoff!!) the rest is probably true (or I want it to be true). I am partial to a fluffy blanket and a onesie and I DO like family portraits and kitchen gadgets. Apart from the Range Rover. Maybe. Well I wouldn’t turn down one if it was offered to me for free…

So either I am more chav than I would like to think I am or TOWIE is right up my street and I should watch it? Either way a modern bathroom like Victoria Plumb suggests is my style would go down a treat!


This post is an entry for #GreatBritishHome Challenge sponsored by Victoria Plumb, a source of quality bathrooms for every type of home. Take its “What’s Your Celebrity Home Style?” quiz to discover what your home says about you.




  1. Kate Holmes
    April 10, 2014 / 6:54 pm

    Interesting post. Don’t be upset – is a bit of fun after all and you liked the bathroom. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

    • cookiesandcwtches
      April 10, 2014 / 11:19 pm

      Ha ha oops didn’t mean to come across as upset, I did find it funny 🙂 I was just poking a bit of fun at myself for my clearly unfounded snobbery really!

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