Who does the DIY in your house?

Over the past couple of weeks we have had quite a few little DIY jobs to be done. My hubby, much as I love him, is talented in many areas, but DIY is not one of them. This is a source of endless frustration for me (and him) and there is also much mickey-taking, mainly by me, also from the children, and especially from my mother.

When we moved into our house, it was ‘liveable’ but it needed decorating. It is a three bedroom, three reception traditional Victorian terraced house. I LOVE old houses, but they leak…they break and they do require a fair bit of work on and off. To be fair, our house is 120 years old, so it is not doing too badly. But I digress.

Today darling husband is fixing a new door handle to an internal door. Not too big a job, especially considering I replaced ALL the internal door handles when we moved in. However, this task has been going on for an hour, he has a drill, a chisel, there has been a lot of banging and swearing and he has locked himself in the room twice.

Three weekends ago I asked him to put together a bike storage shed. He just had to fix the sides and roof together and add doors. After 6 hours working on this it got dark, and to date the doors have not been fixed on. No doubt it will be another 6 months before the job is finished.

Now seriously I think?? Or am I expecting too much? He has a professional job, why do I expect him to be able to do DIY just because he is a man? It is the same as expecting me to cook and clean just because I am a woman. It is sexist and it is wrong, and yet it is an expectation that remains.

In our case I gave up a professional job to stay at home, wipe bums, clean the house and have dinner on the table when he gets home from work. This is NOT me. Whilst I love a clean house, I loathe cleaning, I hate ironing, and while I like cooking, playing the part of the good little housewife was never on my agenda, I never wanted it, and this part of the role I accept because I feel that it has been dumped on me because I chose to stay at home with the children.

So I have taken it on the chin, I mop the floor, I iron his shirts, so is it too much to expect for him to do the same…do the DIY, take the bins out, sort out the car. Otherwise surely I am just doing it all?

And yes…this is an actual picture of my semi-built bike shed. Even in it’s part finished state it is already used as a dumping ground for rubbish instead of gloriously storing our bikes.


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