What I Wore Wednesday – 25th September 2013

Part of working from home and having no one to impress means that the temptation to wear joggers and jumpers can be overwhelming. However, I made a firm resolution in January to make a bit more effort with my appearance and I’d love to share that with you lovely lot on here.

A few nuggets of info for you regarding my wardrobe before we start…

  • It is almost all high street and if I can order it online then even better
  • It must be comfy
  • I LOVE a charity shop find or eBay bargain

So here goes my first What I Wore Wednesday….

IMG_4492Ugh I hate seeing photos of myself! Must work on my ‘selfie’ face!! Next photo will be minus the chins I promise!

Denim Jacket – H&M

Navy jersey dress – Next Outlet

Grey leggings – Next

Elephant Scarf – Next

Tan Suede Boots – Ted Baker

Silver Charm Bracelet – Tiffany



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