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A year or so ago I found the site Helium where users can sign up, and get paid for writing and submitting articles. There is a complicated pay structure which you are best checking out yourself, but essentially after doing a bit of googling on the issues, I discovered that you were unlikely to make any real money from the site.

Nevertheless, I signed up and wrote some articles. It is not very time consuming – the articles need only be short and you can write on pretty much anything you like. You are paid in ratings share so the more people read your article, the more you get paid – only really in pence though! There are opportunities to earn more by having articles purchased (generally for about $1) and you can enter writing competitions which can be more lucrative.

So why did I decide to write for them you may ask. Because I get paid a small amount, but most importantly it gets me writing and it gets my writing out there. If you don’t keep writing you will never learn and evolve and your writing will never get anywhere. So I would recommend it – just don’t expect to get rich quick!

I have linked to a few of my Helium articles in the My Writing tab. Feel free to check them out!


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