YouTube Sunday #66

Wowzers what a week it’s been! We’ve been totally snowed in! I’ve made a couple of snow related videos, I’ve linked one up below for you to watch, I hope to watch lots of your snow related content too! Unless you somehow escaped the big freeze! I’m really suffering from cabin fever now and I’m worried that tomorrow it will still be too icy to get anywhere! We’re celebrating our eldest’s 11th birthday a few days early because she’s going away with school next week so that should be fun!

I’ve decided to reopen the linky for the whole week rather than just Sunday as our numbers were dwindling somewhat. I’ll still be making a playlist and emailing it out so it would be really great if you could take a minute to share it on social media, it will mean more views for everyone who links up.

This linky is perfect for fledgling YouTubers (like me) to help get your videos out there and to virtually ‘meet’ and make friends with other YouTubers in the same position. I’ve found so many great channels through the last year of running this linky. This linky is live for the whole of Sunday for you to share your videos. On Monday I’ll be putting them all together in a playlist that I will email to you so we can run it through easily and share it on your social media channels. I hope this will really help to increase our watch time and beat the YouTube changes! I always encourage everyone to watch and comment on as many videos in the link up as they can, but even if you can’t do them all, you could leave the playlist running in the background just to increase people’s  view times.

If you haven’t linked up before this linky goes live every Sunday and you just add your video to the linky at the bottom. Please watch, thumbs up and comment on as many other videos as you can but at the very least on the host video and the video before yours. Remember that commenting on other videos is not only a nice thing to do for a fellow vlogger, but it’s also a great way of advertising your channel, as other commenters will see your name. And no one likes a link dumper 😉

I’ll be watching every video and making sure that I share them on social media. Keep a look out on twitter for the hashtag #YouTubeSunday and retweet as many as you can!

Last week’s playlist can be found below, if you want to easily share it just copy and paste this link

So here’s this week’s link up, I’m really looking forward to watching all your videos this week too! Don’t forget to please watch, thumbs up and comment on the host video and at least the one before yours. Share the love! Thanks everyone!
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