How to Make Mini Canvas Art

This week marks 400 years since the death of Shakespeare. As an English literature graduate I have read a lot of Shakespeare and I absolutely love his work. His plays are fun, full of drama and also full of some very poignant meaning. Even for those not into his work, there are so many quotes from his plays that are still popular today.

In celebration of this great anniversary I thought I would make a mini canvas featuring a quote from The Merry Wives of Windsor – “You shall see wonders”. I thought it was ┬áthe perfect inspirational quote to display in our new playroom and I wanted to create something bright to fit in with the rainbow theme of the room.

shakespeare quote canvas

What you will need to create this project…

Mini Canvas and stand

Watercolour paint & brush

white cardboard

PVA glue

Pencil & black sharpie pen

A standard canvas is not an ideal base for watercolour so I painted the design onto cardboard before gluing with PVA glue onto the canvas. You could also buy a watercolour canvas or prep yours properly (see here) but I wanted to use what I had to hand and so this was the best method for me.

I loaded the brush with plenty of water and created a blended rainbow on the cardboard. I then went over the edges and joins with more water to make sure it was properly blended. Once it was dry I outlined my lettering in pencil and went over the top with a black sharpie pen. I then put PVA glue on the back and glued it to the mini canvas making sure the edges were stuck well.

Voila – a perfect little piece of mini art. Perfect for our new playroom.

mini canvas art

This post is written in collaboration with Viking.


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  1. Karen Puddephatt
    November 9, 2016 / 10:44 pm

    This is a great idea and a great money saver too. Thanks for posting. I’m going to go away and have a go!

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